Web Design for Small Business

Keep your website fresh and your customers coming back to see what’s new. Indy AdCafe creates professional websites for small business that allow you to update information and change images as needed. We’ll even refresh the look of your site once a year.

The Indy AdCafe will give you personal attention and top-notch service throughout our business relationship. To get started we will analyze your current online presence, and then suggest a cost-effective solution that will help meet your business’ or organization’s needs. Our team of writers/designers will create a website relevant to your particular industry, and add custom features that will make your business standout from your competition.

Custom Designed Websites

All websites from the Indy AdCafe are custom designed specifically for your business or organization. We also ensure that your website architecture and content is built for search engine optimization – all at a very affordable price.

Your Website Includes These Great Benefits:

  • Professional copywriting and design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Unlimited updates/ changes on your website
  • A website address/domain name for your website
  • Hosting and monthly maintenance plans
  • Email address for use on your website
  • Monthly website tracking reports

Custom Website Add-Ons

As part of your website design, the Indy AdCafe offers custom features that will give your company a dynamic online presence in your particular industry. We will help you develop an online plan and recommend any add-on features that will better showcase your business.

Custom Add-Ons:

- Advanced photo gallery

- Appointment scheduler

- Blog pages

- Client intake forms

- Contact forms

- Customer forums

- File, photo or video upload

- Guest books

- Membership request forms

- Patient history forms

- Presentations, manuals, information on PDF downloads

- Price quote forms

- Polls, surveys and quizzes (with instant tracking results)

- Rotating banner/display

- Secure login or password protection

- RSS feeds

Note: All online forms include tracking reports (how many people viewed the forms, how many people downloaded a file, how many people emailed the forms to your business, etc.).

Hosting and Maintaining Your Website

After your website is built, your business relationship with the Indy AdCafe has just begun. We’ll host and maintain your website. That means you’ll be allowed to make changes and add photos to your website, update your marketing offers and add-on features, and have the freedom to experiment with different ideas. Owning a small business website doesn’t mean that you’re limited to an online brochure.

The Indy AdCafe will protect your website investment with ongoing maintenance, security and site optimization.

Your Hosting and Maintenance Plan Includes:

- Hosting your website on a secure, redundant server

- Making content and/or photo changes when requested

- Maintaining your website email address

- Blocking/deleting spam out of the database, comments sections and forms

- Checking/updating links and forms monthly

- Updating software and plug-ins as needed

- Renewing your domain name(s) automatically to prevent losing them

Tracking Reports for Your Website

Once a month you will receive an automated report tracking visits to your website and measuring results from your various marketing promotions. Some of your tracking will include the following metrics:

- Traffic source – how your visitors are finding your website (i.e. search engines, a website link, other forms of advertising, etc.)

- Content popularity – what pages are the majority of your site visitors viewing, which ones do they ignore

- Visits by location – what regions or cities are your visitors coming from the most

- Search terms – the most frequently used words or phrases your visitors use to find you online

- Number of downloads – shows the number of times a marketing promotion was downloaded from your site

- Number of registrants – shows the number of times visitors registered for a marketing promotion or email campaign (doesn’t show their personal information such as email or names)

Mobile Phone Design


You’re missing sales opportunities if your website doesn’t work properly on mobile phones!

If you want to capture business from people on the-go, then you need a separate website design for mobile phones or Smartphones. By having your website mobile-ready, it will be easier for cell phone users to find and navigate. Your mobile site will be a .mobi and feature fewer graphics at resolutions that load quickly and have been optimized for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Palm, Windows Mobile and other Smartphones.

Add a Mobile Website to Your Business

The Indy AdCafe will help you add a mobile website. We will start with your existing website’s framework and then create a mobile-sized version for cell phone and Smartphone users.

We will also add an auto detection device to your main website and mobile website. That means when someone types in your .com site domain name from a mobile phone, they will see your mobile site and vice versa when they type in your domain name on their computer. This will ensure that your visitors will get the best experience on your site whether they’re using their phone or computer.

Mobile Marketing for Small BusinessLearn More.

Refreshing Your Website

If you have a website designed by the Indy AdCafe, we’ll offer you the opportunity to “refresh” your website annually. This means that every year you can give your website a fresh new coat of paint. Change the look, the copy and the photographs to update it or make some minor adjustments to spruce it up.

Please call us at (317) 876-0945 or email contact@indyadcafe.com, so we can discuss your business goals and help you put together a cost-effective, dynamic website.



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