Social Media Marketing

The largest and most popular social media for marketing are Twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In. Depending upon your type of business and goals, you may benefit from participating in all three or just one of these may serve as your best media outlet.



Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1. Social Marketing is a low-cost way to create customer awareness about the products/services you sell.

2. Social Media can help you quickly communicate with your customers, prospects and your competition.

3. Social Media will help you learn what people are saying about your company and brand.

4. Social Media can help generate customer referrals through positive word-of-mouth.

Why Use Indy AdCafe for Your Social Media Marketing

- Indy AdCafe will help you determine which social media outlet(s) will best serve your company’s needs and business goals.

- Indy AdCafe and Facebook for Business. We will custom design your Facebook page and help market your business with photos, testimonials, offers and more. We’ll also post monthly updates to keep your customers interested and coming back.

- Indy AdCafe and Blogging. Small businesses often start blogging and then abandoned it a few months later. Customers who visit websites with outdated blogs feel the business is no longer current. That’s where Indy AdCafe can help. We’ll put together a plan with posting dates for your blogs and measure the results. We’re also available to write and post your blogs, or just help you edit/tweak it before it posts.

Please call us at (317) 876-0945 or email, so we can discuss your business goals and help you put together a cost-effective, successful marketing plan.


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