Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing means a lot more than just mobile phones. This includes marketing on iPads, tablet PCs, Smartphones, apps or any pocket device with anytime connectivity. Mobile Marketing is becoming a new frontier for small business.



Benefits of Mobile Marketing

1. 25% of web browsing is done on Smartphones compared to desktop computers.

2. Today, over 250 million users are accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.

3. Mobile spending by local merchants will increase to $985 million by 2012. As consumers increase their use of mobile devices, more small businesses will use this marketing channel.

Why Use Indy AdCafe for Mobile Marketing

•  Indy AdCafe will help you determine the best mobile marketing strategy that will serve your company’s needs and business goals.

•  Mobile Phone Advertising. There are various types of mobile phone advertisements, such as text messages, banner ads and GPS-targeted ads. Indy AdCafe will help you create the ad(s) and find the best placement opportunities.

•  QR Code Marketing. QR stands for “Quick Response” and allows you to engage your customers and prospects quickly. Indy AdCafe will create a marketing campaign, and then build a QR code for your small business that will link to your website, a physical location or give a business card all your contact information.

•  Foursquare. Local retail companies who want to encourage frequent, repeat visits for their customers like to use Foursquare. It’s a unique and popular way to build customer loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth marketing in a local area. Indy AdCafe will create a marketing campaign tailored to your business for using Foursquare or Gowalla (a similar site) and help you execute the plan.

•  Apps. Many business apps have hit the market with no real strategy behind them and are often deleted within 72 hours of being downloaded. That’s why Indy AdCafe will identify the user case, define goals and create an app that provides real value for your business.

Please call us at (317) 876-0945 or, so we can discuss your business goals and help you put together a cost-effective, successful marketing plan.


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