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Email marketing is an affordable, effective way to market your small business. You should be contacting your customers at least six times a year. Professional email campaigns are a great way to keep-in-touch about specials, new products/services and daily events.



Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Email marketing creates an ongoing relationship with your existing customers.

2. Email marketing brings existing customers back to your website to see new products/services or special offers.

3. Email marketing drives prospects to your website to learn about your products/services and prompts them to visit or call for more information.

4. Email marketing makes it easy for customers to refer their friends and family to your business.

5. Email marketing can be targeted to different segments of your customer database based upon their buying habits and preferences.

 Why Use Indy AdCafe for Your Email Marketing

• Indy AdCafe will custom-design your html emails (and provide a text version) so that your website and email campaigns look like they came from the same company (branding).

• Indy AdCafe will test your emails to ensure they are delivered to a real inbox and that they look good in any format used by the recipient.

• Indy AdCafe will provide tracking reports so you know who received your email, who responded to it, who clicked onto your website, and who has “unsubscribed.”

• Indy AdCafe can set up drip email campaigns that can help keep-in-touch with existing customers over a long period of time. This is a great tool for lead generation and online sales.

• Indy AdCafe will help manage your customer database during and after all email campaigns. We can also help you track and analyze your customers’ buying habits in order to create segmented, targeted lists for future marketing efforts.

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Don’t Send SPAM

Remember, if you decide to do your own email campaigns don’t use your personal/business email address. If you send emails to more than 10 people at a time, Internet Service Providers could view them as potential SPAM. You also don’t want to send emails to anyone who hasn’t given you permission, because this is also viewed as SPAM. Once you are tagged as a SPAMMER, your future emails could all be blocked.

Please call us at (317) 876-0945 or email, so we can discuss your business goals and help you put together a cost-effective, successful marketing plan.


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