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The Indy AdCafe is a professional website design company located in Indianapolis, Indiana; however, we work with clients from all over the United States. We specialize in websites and online marketing for small and medium-size businesses and organizations, and offer our services at a very affordable price.

We’re an established business that will work with you one-on-one on all of your internet projects. We’ll communicate with you face-to-face or via phone, email, webcam… whichever is most convenient for you.

The Indy AdCafe will give you personal attention and top-notch service throughout our business relationship. That is our guarantee.

Why Should You Hire the Indy AdCafe?

We realize that you have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to website design for your business or organization. So, why should you hire the Indy AdCafe to create your website and do your online marketing?

•  The AdCafe creates fantastic, original website designs.

•  The AdCafe will make changes/updates to your website whenever you need them.

•  The AdCafe is fun to work with.

•  The AdCafe will get to know you and your business and proactively contact you with new ideas for your website.

•  The AdCafe creates affordable online marketing plans.

•  The AdCafe is a small business, so we know what “affordable” really means.

•  The AdCafe staff can be easily reached anytime (except when we’re sleeping).

•  The AdCafe has super-duper copywriters who will learn about your business and then write great copy for you.

•  The AdCafe is very organized and finishes projects on-time.

•  The AdCafe staff is exceptional communicators, so you’ll never be in the dark about your projects or timelines.

•  Did we mention that we’re fun to work with?

The Owners of the Indy AdCafe

Lee Ann McKay is one of the owners of the Indy AdCafe. She’ll most-likely be the first person you talk to if you inquire about a website and/or online marketing.

Experience: Lee Ann has a diverse background in marketing, business and website design. She specializes in copywriting, online marketing strategies and overall business development.

Career: Lee Ann grew up in Madison, Indiana where she learned the retail business at her grandfather’s clothing store on Main Street. She spent endless hours writing and sketching print advertisements that her grandfather used to help advertise the business. After receiving her BA from Indiana University (Bloomington), Lee Ann went into the advertising business. She worked for Leo Burnett, USA, an international advertising agency in Chicago.

Fun: Lee Ann enjoys playing golf and any sport with a racquet: tennis, racquetball, pickleball (ask her about this sport), badminton, etc. She also loves jazz and any song played by Miles Davis.


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